Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mylene Farmer - she's back!!

Well, not just yet, but she will be soon - with a new album "Onirique" to be released in October, according to French music news sources on the web. Tracks on the album include "Onirisme", "Faire... Et Défaire", "Dans Ton Antre", "Ma Nature Est...", "Excaliburia", "Who's Mylène ?", "Aux Points Cardinaux", "Je M'Expose Et M'Impose", "Poésie Visuelle", "The Witch Of Dreams", "Voyage Au Bout De Tes Sens" and an acoustic version of "Rever".

As usual, Mylene is being her notoriously reclusive self so there is little other information available, but what we do know is that she will perform live on 12.09.09 at the Stade de France in Paris.

I am so excited about the prospect of a new album from her, mainly because I was so disappointed with "Avant Que L'Ombre". Not because it was a bad album (because it wasn't) but because she has set herself such an impossibly high standard, that such classics as "Anamorphosée" and "Innamoramento" would always be hard acts to follow.

Also, I didn't think she'd make any more albums after the last one, so this is really, really exciting news!! Can't you tell....I'm excited!!!!

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