Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This week's playlist: the word is on your lips

"Fascination" - Alphabeat: Yes I know it's old news, but I came late to the party and it took me a while to appreciate this, but now I absolutely love it. At last a great pop song in the top 10!
"Lay Your Love On Me" - BWO: unquestionably my fave MF song of this year and expect it to be in this playlist for a long time to come.
"Love In Stereo" - Ola: And likewise this too. It shouldn't really work but it does, and is yet another one which will have a long life after MF.
"Line Of Fire" - E-Type & The Poodles: yes I expect ridicule for including this one but I think the studio version works better than the live one.
"Just A Minute" - Rongedal: extremely catchy song. Yes it's reminiscent of M**a and also the S*****r S*****s but what's really wrong with that?
"Black and Gold" - Sam Sparro: this is a truly fantastic record which I'm nowhere near getting tired of.
"Beli Jablan" - Aleksa Jelic & Ana Stajdohar: been watching this lots and lots of times this week on YouTube. I decided to check out some of Aleksa's other stuff and I've decided he's now my favourite Serbian popstar!
"This Corrosion" - Sisters of Mercy: got my iPod on shuffle play and this week it seems to like this a lot. From the days when 'goth' music was good, and not the corporate pop-with-eyeliner it is today. Yes I'm getting old.
"Point of View" - DB Boulevard: another oldie, this time from 2002, which still sounds rather good. Whatever happened to their singer Moony? I liked that "Dove (I'll Be Loving You)" song she had out as well.
"Come On Girl" - Taio Cruz: although this is still in the top 10 I'm extremely annoyed that my local radio station's still not playing this, yet we still get Duffy, Adele, Rihanna etc about 20 times a day.

Apologies for the lack of new music in the playlist: I'm still gripped by Melodifestivalen fever and probably will be for some time yet. :)

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