Thursday, March 06, 2008

Germany's 'Disappear'-ing act

I can't really comment as I haven't seen the clips from the German national final (apart from the winner), but at the moment I'm rather annoyed that Marquess or Cinema Bizarre didn't win. "Disappear" by No Angels is admittedly one of the more contemporary efforts to enter this year's Eurovision Song Contest, with its Sugababes-type vibe going on, but it isn't one of the most memorable songs I've ever heard and their vocals may not be strong enough to deliver an amazing performance.

Not too much more to say really, I'm feeling quite sleepy and it looks as if an early night may be a good idea.

Will post this week's playlist on Saturday, and needless to say I might even mention Melodifestivalen. :-)

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AcerBen said...

I watched the final and I thought they almost nailed it. Cinema Bizarre were my faves in the end but their vocals were not up to it, and it lacked impact too. Marquess was fine vocally but again lacked impact.

I'm just happy it wasn't Carolin!