Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Let It Shine" - Tingsek

Oh, those Swedes. Do they never stop making great music?

I haven't really checked out Magnus Tingsek in the past, although I believe he's already made a couple of albums. "Let It Shine" is his new single, and it's a kind of jazzy, funky guitar track which builds very nicely indeed to a smooth and soulful conclusion. In an interview last year, Salem Al Fakir mentioned that he liked Tingsek and I can understand why, as they both seem to be very creative musicians.

So I've now had a listen to another of Tingsek's songs, "World Of Its Own" which is another very good, soulful, almost reggae-ish track. Some of Vincent Pontare's stuff reminds me of this.

Looking forward to hearing more from Mr Tingsek, who will join our already long list of Swedish musical greats!

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