Tuesday, January 01, 2008

...and hello 2008!

Been a nice start to the new year too - great concert by Take That on the telly last night, they were fantastic.

As usual at this time of year everyone tries to predict who or what singers/bands they think will make it big in the coming year. Usually most of these predictions are overrated and overhyped by the media and are usually "the new so-and-so", and that's usually enough to put me off.

So instead I'll just get excited about some people I first came across in 2007, like...

...Paul Steel, an amazingly talented guy with such an ambitious musical vision. The "Moon Rock" album will finally be released around February/March and it’s the album I’m looking forward to the most this year.
...Ali Love, whose fresh blend of funky-disco-electro-pop has already been hailed by Popjustice and whose debut album "Love Music" will be out soon (allegedly January, but I can’t confirm this?).
...Daniel Merriweather, the voice of Mark Ronson’s debut hit "Stop Me". A great vocalist who promises to provide a cracking debut album later in the year. ...David Jordan, who I hadn’t heard of till his Royal Variety appearance. Think Michael Jackson crossed with early Terence Trent D’Arby - yes, that exciting.
...Chromeo, who I only recently got into, but would like their electro-funk to reach a much bigger musical audience.
...Snook, they’re Swedish, they’re rappers, and I love them! About time for a new album in 2008, eh boys?
...Vincent Pontare, whose debut CD was released recently. Not only does he write and perform his own music, he also writes for acts like the Backstreet Boys, and has international breakthrough potential.
...Tokio Hotel, who achieved massive international success in 2007 - when will Britain sit up and take notice?
...Colbie Caillat, aka "the female Jack Johnson" who makes nice laid back acoustic pop perfect for summer days. Now all we need is the weather to match.

...Salem Al Fakir, an incredibly gifted musician, singer and songwriter from Sweden, and a major talent. Fingers crossed that he gets launched internationally in 2008.

Hopefully I'll also find out about some great singers/bands who have escaped my attention up until now. Bring it on!!

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