Thursday, January 17, 2008

Swedish Charts Update

"Cause when it's all for one, it's one for all...."

EMD stay at no.1 in the singles charts with their remake of "All For Love" - although I still wonder what Danny's doing, getting himself into this - whilst Amanda Jenssen is this week's highest new entry with "Do You Love Me". The Swedish Grammys have impacted on the chart this week as the track which was voted best song, "Om Du Lämnade Mig Nu" by Lars Winnerbäck & Miss Li, is back in the top 10. Particularly happy to see three of Salem Al Fakir's songs re-enter the top 50: "Good Song" (no.36), "It's True" (no.42) and "This Is Who I Am" (no.43)

The "Grammy Effect" has also affected the album charts as Lars Winnerbäck's "Daugava" is back up to no.1, whilst another one of his albums has re-entered at no. 19. Salem's "This Is Who I Am" has gone back up to no.6, almost a year after it's release. (I will continue to rave about this fact over at Planet Salem). Säkert's album has also re-entered at no. 21.

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