Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This week's playlist: cause we all just wanna be big rock stars

Rockstar - Nickelback: never really been a fan of theirs but this has grown on me and proves they have a sense of humour too, which is good.
Now You're Gone - Basshunter: The Eurodance revival is here! Now all we need is the Vengaboys and 2 Unlimited to make a comeback (lol!!)
Be Mine - Robyn: better late than never UK release, and fully deserving its place in the top 10.
Do You Love Me - Amanda Jenssen: OK OK I was wrong about her during "Idol". This is good and a very different type of single from a reality-pop contestant.
Miss Blue - Vincent: been listening to this again. Still not got his album yet but about to rectify that in the next couple of weeks.
Colliding - Nicholas Carlie: Sadly it didn't qualify from its MGP heat, but I still really like this nice swaying ballad.
Hold On Be Strong - Maria Haukaas Storeng: I now can't get this song out of my head and think it could do some serious damage if selected for Norway this year.
Can't Get Over - September: another one that's been lodged in my brain since last week's P3 Guldgalan - this is poptastic and I only wish I'd discovered it earlier.
I Thought It Was Over - The Feeling: possibly the catchiest and poppiest thing from them yet. Looking forward to their second album.

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