Sunday, January 27, 2008

Norsk Melodi Grand Prix Semi Final 3: Bodø 25.01.08

Onwards to the frozen north once again and to another immaculately produced heat of this year’s quest to find Norway’s Eurovision entry.

"Two Monkeys (On The Roof)" - Avalanche: let’s say they’re more mature artists, an unusual and strangely likeable Britpop-style stomper with bizarre lyrics, but it didn’t really go anywhere and didn’t have a chance tonight.

"Hear When I’m Calling" - Maria Trøen: Two songs in and the wind machine has already seen lots of action tonight. Powerful uptempo pop which reminded me a little of Trine Rein - who could have taken this beyond the semi final stage.

"Som i Himmelen" - Ole Ivars: Ha ha ha. Good old fashioned Norsk dansband musikk, but disastrous on a wider European stage.

"Sillycone Valley" - Lene Alexandra. I should have dreaded this: she’s Norway’s answer to Jordan - but it was strangely catchy and that hookline is now wedged in my brain, against my better judgement. Cheeky, daft but hey, it’s Eurovision. Silly-silly-sillycone valley.

"Eastern Wind" - Torstein Sødal: this is the one co-written by Christian from A1, but don’t expect "Caught In The Middle"-style pop, rather a big theatrical ballad which was an inevitable qualifier. Good singer - big, effortless voice.

"Far Away" - King of Trolls. Was this novelty week? He looked like the offspring of Mr Lordi and Ruslana. It’s as if someone put every ‘ethnic’ ESC entry of the last 5 years into a blender and this was the result.

The interval act was a funny lip-synch to "Romeo" (my most favourite MGP winner ever, folks) culminating in an appearance from Ketil Stokkan himself. Aah. I love this show. He’s getting old now, but then again aren’t we all.

Result: Torstein and that King of Trolls chap to Oslo Spektrum, with Lene and Ole Ivars to the andra-chansen thingy. Not a great week though, and nothing to challenge "Hold On Be Strong".

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