Saturday, January 26, 2008

Those NRJ Music Awards results. Hey, I got a few of them right!!!

Chanson francaise: "On S’Attache" - Christophe Maé. Strongly disagreed with this one. it beat off two stronger contenders: Christophe Willem’s "Double Je" and Jenifer’s "Tourner Ma Page"

Révélation Francaise: Christophe Willem. Yay!!! Worthy winner in otherwise weak category this year.

Révélation Internationale: Mika. No surprise as everyone would appear to love him now.

Artiste Féminine Francaise: Jenifer. Yay! Again, a worthy winner and she really has developed as an artist.

Artiste Féminine Internationale: Avril Lavigne. Another significant European award for her. Her appeal escapes me, but she seems to strike a chord with European teens.

Artiste Masculin Francais: Christophe Maé. Interesting that both ex-Le Roi Soleil guys were in this category: however I don’t really rate Maé as a solo star although he is extremely popular now.

Artiste Masculin International: Justin Timberlake. I deliberately didn’t vote for him on a technicality, as he didn’t really release any new material last year. No complaint though, but it should have been all-conquering Timbaland.

Groupe/Duo Francais: Superbus. Another one I voted for! Good winner, but again poor category.

Groupe/Duo Internationale: Tokio Hotel! Ooh I’m having a good night here, yet another of my choices win. They are turning into a European phenomenon, which inevitably means the UK will completely and unjustly ignore them.

Chanson Internationale: "Umbrella" - Rihanna. Again, a completely unsurprising winner. It should have been Mika - but on the other hand, it could have been James Blunt.

Album Francais: "Inventaire" - Christophe Willem. I voted for this too. Fully justified winner, and Christophe would appear to be a French equivalent of Will Young - an Idol winner with enough talent to guarantee a long career.

Album International: "Blackout" - Britney Spears. Eh????? Ou sont "Back to Black" ou "Life In Cartoon Motion"? In the immortal words of Jenifer, "pourquoi, pourquoi, pourquoi?"

Clip de L’année: "Parle a Ma Main" - Fatal Bazooka. I’m not French, and I just don’t get Michael Youn. Maybe there are some French people out there who don’t get him either?

So there you go, not too bad although I could have done without "Umbrella" and Britney and Fatal Bazooka, and I would always take Emmanuel Moire over Christophe Maé, but hey that's just me. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion!!

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