Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm not well.

I now have a heavy cold, just as I predicted last night.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon. Sorry there's no full review of Star Academy this week, I did watch some of it though. Lucie was evicted, bit of a shock, this leaves Claire-Marie as the only girl in the contest. Are the viewers going soft or what? All she does is blub every week about how she should have gone instead of (insert evicted contestant's name), but hey, she is still there.

Quentin, Jeremy, Mathieu and Bertrand are the remaining male contestants. Quentin must win, even if his arrogance level is now soaring through the roof. (Still my favourite though, but what's with the make-up???).

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AcerBen said...

I can't call it. I agree Quentin deserves to win, but I have a feeling Jeremy and Mathieu will be the two finalists. I haven't been watching the quotidiennes this year so I don't know them very well as people. Maybe they come across very well.