Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Eirodziesma 2008 Semi Final 1 Preview


Before I get to my preview of the first Latvian semi-final this year, can I just say that serious discussions are underway between myself and my faithful travelling companion about our spring break destination for May 2008. The Latvian capital, Riga, is among the front runners at present. (We thought we were going there last spring, but then Stockholm came along and well, you know the rest...) Plans are already in place to buy lots of Brainstorm CDs if/when I go there :-)))

Tonight I've been checking out the first set of semi-finalists for Eirodziesma, which is usually one of my favourite ESC national finals, but I was left a bit disappointed by this line-up. My comments are only based on one listen though, but a song does have to grab your attention first time so that's why I decided not to listen again.

Fly To The Moon - This is like a cross between "I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues" and a chilled out Roger Cicero. Didn’t really leave an impression on first listen though.
The One - Latvian-language rock-rap verse, English chorus. This kind of musical style’s quite popular but again I wasn’t sure....
More Than 27 - Silly acoustic nonsense with lyrical references to just about every country in Europe. Shameless attempt to get votes, that’s all.
Lovely Dexter - "I’m in love with Dexter..." This has to be one of the daftest and most offbeat songs I’ve heard this year. Well...it’s different anyway!
If I Only Knew - Floaty ballad with Enya-type backing which should be guaranteed a place in the final, although not particularly original.
Summertime - jazz-funk very reminiscent of the Brand New Heavies which can only be a good thing, but this isn’t really right for this contest either.
Wolves of the Sea - with a hi-hi-ho and a hi-hi-hey, this has win-win-winner written all over it. Camp old pirate anthem which should destroy its opposition in this semi-final.
All Come Together - this was quite good in a Blue Moon Band "Goodbye to Yesterday" kind of way. Also reminded me a bit of M2M’s "Don’t Say You Love Me". Nice.
Take Me Home - this was a nice, mature mid-tempo number which was ok, although it did drift by and got a bit repetitive and I don’t really see it as a winner.
I’m A Part Of You - again, another pleasant enough song but it really didn’t go anywhere or do anything for me.

Results to be revealed on the night of Saturday, 2 February....

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