Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Melodifestivalen 2008: full line-up now known

I've got a day off work today, it's cold and miserable outside and I have just been lazing around doing absolutely nothing. Bliss!

Anyway here I am, it's mid-afternoon and I've just discovered (thanks to Aftonbladet) that the 'jokers' for this year's MF have been announced today. This is inevitably one of Sweden's most debated topics at this time of year, but also one of the worst kept secrets. Yes folks, Carola is back. Now I know a lot of people love her and won't hear a word against her, but we are all entitled to an opinion and mine is that I can't stand her at all. I did like "Främling", but that was 25 years ago :) This time she will be duetting with Andreas Johnson, whom I do like, but I fear the worst, as she inevitably overpowers every duetting partner she sings with.

The second joker is Eskobar, a band I know very little about but fondly remember them for "You Got Me", their English-French duet with Emma Daumas (ex Star Academy 2) which did quite well in France about 3 years ago and got a lot of airplay back then on French radio.

Third joker is Amy Diamond. The child star will turn 16 years old just in time to meet the qualification rules. I suppose she is good at what she does - and she was very good in "Allsång pa Skansen" last summer - but I just don't really like kiddie-pop.

Finally, Niklas Stromstedt is the fourth joker. He's been on the Swedish music scene for many years, I remember him as a member of Glenmark Eriksson Stromstedt. I expect his song to be a bit of a gentle ballad maybe?

Full line-up of artists and songs for each semi final:

09.02.08 - Gothenburg
1. E-type & The Poodles: "Line of fire"
2. Face-84: "Alla gamla X"
3. Velvet: "Deja vu"
4. Brandur: "Lullaby"
5. Michael Michailoff: "That's love"
6. Amy Diamond: "Thank you"
7. Suzzie Tapper: "Visst finns mirakel"
8. Christer Sjögren: "I love Europe"

16.02.08 - Västerås
1. Ola: "Love in stereo"
2. Lasse Lindh: "Du behöver aldrig mer vara rädd"
3. The Nicole: "Razborka"
4. Alexander Schöld: "Den första svalan"
5. Rongedal: "Just a minute"
6. Sanna Nielsen: "Empty room"
7. Andra generationen: "Kebabpizza slivovitza"
8. Johnson & Häggkvist: "One love"

23.02.08 - Linköping
1. BWO: "Lay your love on me"
2. Mickey Huskic: "Izdadje"
3. Frida featuring Headline: "Upp o hoppa"
4. Thérèse Andersson: "When you need me"
5. Patrik Isaksson & Bandet: "Under mitt tunna skinn"
6. Caracola: "Smiling in love"
7. Ainbusk: "Jag saknar dig ibland"
8. Eskobar: "Hallelujah new world"

01.03.08 - Karlskrona
1. Niklas Strömstedt: "För många ord av kärlek"
2. Calaisa: "If I could"
3. Daniel Mitsogiannis: "Pame"
4. Linda Bengtzing: "Hur svårt kan det va?"
5. Nordman: "I lågornas sken"
6. Sibel: "That is where I'll go"
7. Fronda: "Ingen mår så bra som jag"
8. Charlotte Perrelli: "Hero"

Just over three weeks to go....


Kevin said...

You're not alone on the Carola Haters' bandwagon. She is a homophobic hypocrite to boot.

This year's MF's line up does not impress me at all. Can you say boring? I don't even know why they bother with entering Swedish songs... If a song sung in Swedish wins, you know they'll be translating it into English...

Anonymous said...

I love Carola she is the best in the whole world & Lucky star is perfect!!
I just know One love is gonna win!!!!