Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Vincent Pontare and Amanda Jenssen: the dream team?

Tomorrow sees the Swedish Grammisgalan, which I've already written loads of stuff about on here and over at my parallel universe Planet Salem. I will no doubt be writing even more about it after tomorrow's results are announced.

Anyway I meant to mention a couple of days ago in my previous post about Amanda Jenssen that she will be appearing at the Grammisgalan. She will give her first public performance of her debut single "Do You Love Me" which has been written and produced by Vincent Pontare, which is reason enough to love it already even though I haven't heard it yet!!

I have gone from being an Amanda-hater to an Amanda-fan over the past couple of weeks. I will always be grateful to her because she introduced me to "Don't Hate On Me" which I hadn't heard before she sang it on "Idol" - I wonder if that's why Vincent wanted to work with her? Here it is....

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