Sunday, January 06, 2008

It will soon be that time of year again...

...ESC national finals season, which I now find more interesting than the actual ESC itself. One of the shows I look forward to every couple of years is when the Flemish-speaking half of Belgium hosts its "Eurosong" contest.

Got some info on this year's semi-finals (thanks to ESC Today)

Heat 1 - 27th January
Katy Satyn - Magical Sensation (S. Engelbrecht, J. Engelbrecht, G. Månsson, A. Lennartsson)
Raeven - Shut Down The Heatmachine (Michael Garvin, Marc Paelinck)
Brahim - What I Like About You (Brahim Attaeb, Alan Glass)
Eva Darche - We Breathe (Marc Paelinck, Jamie Winchester)
Femme Fatale - Décadence (Gerard James Borg, Mik Tanczos, Frank Jordens)

Heat 2 - 3rd February
Kenza - Breaking All The Rules (Rudolf Hecke)
E.F.R. - Your Guiding Star (Sergio Quisquater, Vincent Pierins, Patrick Hamilton)
Ishtar - O Julissi Na Jalini (Michel Vangheluwe)
Esther - Game Over (A. Ross, J. McLaughin, D. James, I. Mank, E. Sels)
Tanja Dexters - Addicted To You (Written by Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström, Thomas G:son)

Heat 3 - 10th February
Ellis T - My Music (Regi Penxten)
Tabitha Cycon - Rumour Has It (Marc Paelinck, Marwenna Diame)
Di Bono - I'm Not Sorry (R. Di Bono, L. Alea)
Nelson - If I Can't Find Love (Nelson Morais)
Geena Lisa - Wheel Of Time (S. Dutoit, Yves Barbieux, Geena Lisa Peeters)

Heat 4 - 17th February
Francesco Palmeri - Vagabundo (Francesco Palmeri)
Paranoiacs - Shout It Out (Raf Stevens, Hans Stevens)
Elisa - Around The World (Ove André Brenna)
A Butterfly Mind - Lonely Heart On Wheels (Annelies Cappaert)
Sandrine - I Feel The Same Way (Lawson, Vettese, Howard)

Lots of names which don't ring any bells to me at this stage, but once I hear them I'm sure that I'll have my favourites. ESC Today reported that "Game Over", the song in Semi 3 sung by Idol finalist Esther Sels has been co-written by none other than Duncan James from Blue! Should be interesting...or maybe not. Anyway it's going to be a busy and exciting season ahead!

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