Sunday, November 28, 2010

The 2010-50 - No.31: I even painted my toe nails for you, I did it just the other day

"Satellite" - Lena Meyer-Landrut.

I did drop a hint to faithful travelling companion last night that this would be making an appearance in the chart very here it is.

Even before its victory in a certain song contest this year, this one had become our 'holiday song' in Bratislava - that's what non-stop exposure to MTV Germany does!

A song written by an American and a Dane, sung in English by a German who sounds as if she learned her English from Kate Nash records. A truly international hit (although it only got to no.30 in the UK chart).

Contemporary isn't usually a word used to describe the Eurovision Song Contest, so it was a pleasant surprise that this song went on to win. Even if her voice quickly grates on you and the novelty wears off quickly - I really think the idea of her defending her title next year is a no-no - everything about this just seemed to fall into place. Even now, it's still a catchy and fun song.


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Damian said...

For me it was the first good winner since My Number One, though Molitva was fine too but not hit to me. Satellite was hit and I'm glad it won after two terrible in my opinion winners. But otherwise I never played it in my player, I adore Jennifer Braun's version from selection. Very touching version and beautiful voice.