Sunday, November 28, 2010

The 2010-50 - No.32: Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes

"Alors on Danse" - Stromae.

Who'd have guessed that this existential angsty rap, delivered in a suitably depressed manner by the Belgian rapper, and set to a catchy saxophone hook and trancey beat, would become one of the biggest continental hits of 2010? It might have ran off with my annual "Great Lost European Hit of the Year" award were it not for the song even making a brief appearance in the lower reaches of the UK top 30 a couple of months ago - such a rarity for a song not in the English language to even get a sniff of the top 75, far less the top 30.

This one spanned both our spring and summer holidays this year. There was even a version with Erik Hassle singing on it, but much as I'm an Erik fan, I preferred the original. Basically it says, life can be s**t, so just dance. And why not. Never was melancholy such foot-tapping fun.


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