Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This week's "Idol" songs

Via Aftonbladet here's the list of who's singing what on "Rock Week".

Olle Hedberg - ”In the shadows” (The Rasmus).
Elin Blom - ”I surrender” (Rainbow).
Jay Smith - ”Rocks” (Primal Scream).
Linnea Henriksson - ”Dance with somebody” (Mando Diao).
Minnah Karlsson - ”Jump” (Van Halen)
Andreas Weise - ”Start me up” (Rolling Stones).

I thought they might give Olle a Kings of Leon song this week, but maybe they're keeping that for later? I wonder if he'll do "In The Shadows" in a gritty acoustic kind of way, or will it get the full rock treatment?

Jay, after two weeks of displaying some sensitivity (!) will be back in his comfort zone, Linnea will just be, well, Linnea and I can't wait to see how she takes on that brilliant Mando Diao song.

Thank goodness there's no "Heaven's On Fire" on Rock Week this feels as if they sing it every year on Idol!

I think the bottom two will be between Andreas and Elin, with Andreas going out this week.


Damian said...

All Elin, Andreas and Minnah have songs screaming to be voted out of the Idol. Logically it would be Andreas to leave but I'm afraid it's sush a not Minnah's song that even she can leave this time.
Jay, Olle and Linnea sitter säkert with these songs all the way :)

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Yes I'm worried about Minnah now - it could be one of those 'shock eviction' weeks!

Maria said...

They will do duets, too!

Jay & Linnea: Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)

Minnah & Elin: Calleth You, Cometh I (The Ark)

Olle & Andreas: Gimme some lovin' (Spencer Davies Group)