Sunday, November 21, 2010

Idol 2010 - Friday Finals - Week 7, 19.11.10

Or, as Mr Mackey used to say in South Park: "Drugs are bad, mmm-kay?"

This week, everything was overshadowed by drugs. Or to be specific, series favourite Jay Smith testing positive for drugs, and not being thrown out of the competition.

So Jay soldiered on, with a memorable rock-rendition of "Like A Prayer" which has probably delivered him directly to the final, and there was also the bizarre spectacle of Jay singing "Fly Me To The Moon".

Andreas left the competition (as expected) - but the major shock was that Olle was in the bottom two with him. I read some criticism of Olle's performance, but I thought his "Let's Dance" was ok - although I could have done without the dancing girls - whilst I really enjoyed his 'Ollefied' version of "Your Song".

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