Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 2010-50: No.43: It's a dirty free-for-all

"Take It Off" - Ke$ha.

There are so many reasons not to like Ke$ha, the Poundland version of Lady Gaga: her trailer-trash image, that silly way she spells her name with the dollar sign, the stupid autotune effects on her songs, and how she looks as if she hasn't had a bath for days.

Yet, somewhere along the way, she managed to achieve cult status at EuropeCrazy HQ, which gave me an excuse to do my Ke$ha vocal impersonations every week :) Although faithful travelling companion and I continue to have a love-hate relationship with "Tik Tok" - he hates it and although I wouldn't go so far to say I love it, let's just say we have differing opinions!

We do agree on "Take It Off" though - it's just a very catchy pop song which despite the hated autotune-effect has still eaten its way into my brain. She's a trashy, tacky guilty pleasure - you know you really shouldn't like her music, but sometimes you can't help it.

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