Thursday, November 04, 2010

This week's Idol songs

As usual thanks to Aftonbladet

It's love songs this week, which really doesn't fill me with any excitement at all. All this week's songs are dedicated to a special person in the contestant's life - parents, partners, siblings etc.

Anyway here's the song list. The competition's getting tougher....and I'll foolishly predict that either Andreas or Geir will go this week.

Andreas Weise - ”(Your love keeps liftin' me) Higher & higher” (Jackie Wilson)
Geir Rönning - ”I heard it through the grapevine” (Marvin Gaye).
Minnah Karlsson - ”Whataya want from me” (Adam Lambert).
Jay Smith - ”Here without you” (3 Doors Down).
Linnea Henriksson - ”My baby just cares for me” (Nina Simone).
Elin Blom - ”Forever young” (Alphaville).
Olle Hedberg - ”Free fallin'” (Tom Petty).

Go Olle!


Damian said...

I think time for Geir to go finally has come. He and Andreas should leave in these two weeks. As I told you Andreas wasn't my fave but his vocal skills surprise me everytime so he deserved to keep another week :)
I'm waiting for Minnahs Whataya Want From Me probably the most, it's already second week when her performance keeps in top viewed videos of tv4play till the next Idol-episode, I wonder how far she will go now (Top-4? Or even Top-3?) and this song should fit her voice perfectly. Jay should also sound perfectly with Here without you, not sure about the rest. I didn't hear half of songs before or just titles don't say me anything.

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Once again Damian - I agree with everything you say. Geir's time is up!

Looking forward to Minnah too, she really has made a spectacular comeback. I'm predicting her to be in the last 4 along with Jay, Olle and Linnea.