Monday, November 22, 2010

The 2010-50 - No.41: Whatever it takes, I will do what I gotta do

"On A Mission" - Gabriella Cilmi.

I thought she was one of the best new artists of 2008, so I eagerly awaited her new material. "On A Mission", with its backing track which owed more than a little to Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out", was a promising comeback.

So far so good, then, but her rebranding as sexy glamour girl, rather than girl next door, was to be her musical downfall, as this just turned her into yet another singer in an already saturated musical market. Gabriella is also a very pretty girl, but she is so much more than a pretty face - she has a great, distinctive voice and deserves better material than what ended up on her 2nd (and ultimately disappointing) album "Ten", which was nowhere near as successful as her debut.

Where this leaves her future musical career is unknown: but a little less emphasis on image and more emphasis on the music would be a good idea.

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