Sunday, November 21, 2010

The 2010-50 - No.44: In the end it's all or nothing

"Don't Wanna Lose You Again" - A1.

I was very excited to see A1 in this year's MGP. Whilst I didn't like this song as much as "Take You Home", it's still a very catchy and anthemic song which we would have gone to any lengths for in our pathetic national selection (but let's not go there eh!!). A1 have made a very nice transition to boyband to manband and I'll have to check out more of their recent material. In the meantime
here's a clip of the Anglo-Norwegian band's appearance in this year's MGP:


Keira said...

Oh definitely check out the album. Its a good little CD as a whole, but my favourite tracks are Bad Enough, Six Feet Under, and Life That Could Have Been. I've been listening to it for weeks now. I mentioned it to one of the girls at work, and then felt shockingly old when I realised she was too young to remember A1...

Damian said...

Anthemic song and though I love Didrik's song I wouldn't be sad if they won. How strong was that year on MGP! It's just a month before next season and I can't wait already.