Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This week's Idol songs

Here they are (thanks to Aftonbladet as usual) -

Jay Smith
* ”Bad romance” (Lady Gaga).
* ”Against all odds” (Phil Collins).
Linnea Henriksson
* ”Don't you forget about me” (Simple Minds).
* ”Crazy in love” (Beyoncé).
Olle Hedberg
* ”Fix you” (Coldplay).
* ”Beautiful day” (U2).
Minnah Karlsson
* ”Just the way you are” (Bruno Mars).
* ”Alone” (Heart).

I'm not too inspired by this week's songs....but I think it could finally be Olle's big week.

Meanwhile Minnah has lost her voice, which could be a big problem if she's doing that Heart song.

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