Saturday, July 07, 2007

Allsång på Skansen: a Swedish tradition worth celebrating

Decided to check out the Swedish summer tradition that is Allsång på Skansen: a uniquely Swedish weekly event televised on SVT-1 which combines appearances by popular acts usually plugging their latest releases, and crowd singalongs of traditional summer folk anthems in a kind of mass karaoke. Anders Lundin is the host who keeps it all together. There's a very strong whiff of cheese about it, but if you have an urge to get in touch with your Swedish side - and if you read this blog, you know you want to - then you could do worse than get over to and follow the link to Allsång på Skansen, particularly this week to see Måns Zelmerlöw's particularly triumphant "Cara Mia" and then leading the crowd in Tomas Ledin's "Sommaren Är Kort". Rather wonderful, but then I'm biased, as you've probably guessed.

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