Sunday, July 29, 2007

And as if by magic, it reappeared.

I refer of course to SVT's "Grattis Victoria" concert which was on their website then disappeared for a while. Hooray! It's back! (for how long I just don't know). Anyway the point of all this is that it was the very first place where I ever saw and heard Salem Al Fakir, so I took the opportunity to go back. And indeed he's as brilliant as I remember him from 2 weeks ago.

You'll find him about 25½ minutes into the show when he did a brilliant medley of "It's True" and "Dream Girl". Although his career is only beginning, this young man performs with the confidence, charisma and star quality of someone in their absolute musical prime. This performance had everything we love about him:

1. Demented piano-headbanging!
2. Great, distinctive, jazzy vocals (and those delightful little off-key moments which make him even more special!)
3. The utter joy which he transmits with every performance.
4. That hair....oh yes!
5. Those big piercing blue eyes.
6. That smile which just melts me every time.

Yes, OK, I'll admit that I am completely in love with this man, but first and foremost I love his music, his songs and his voice. He is a truly special, gifted, talented artist whose music is unique and timeless.

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