Monday, July 16, 2007

This week's playlist.


"Good Song"/"Dream Girl"/"Tell Me"/"Count Me Out" - Salem Al Fakir: Undisputed champion of the EuropeCrazy playlist already. This young man will be around for a long long time. You have got to hear him. He is fantastic.

"Fall To Love" - Diesel Park West: another one of my slightly obscure favourite songs from 1992. Rather lovely, and it meant a lot to me.

"Sing" - Vivienne McKone: another one of my slightly obscure favourite songs from 1993. Bright and breezy and perfect for the summer, if we had such a thing.

"I Won't Be Crying" - Infernal: high powered dance tune from the Danish duo.

"Oogcontact" - Clouseau: Third single from "Vonken & Vuur", it takes a wee while to grow on you, but it does.

"Vayamos Companeros" - Marquess: Cheery Spanish language pop made in Germany. Not as good as "El Temperamento" but extremely catchy and I dare you not to whistle that whistly bit.

"Waves of Love" - Magnus Carlsson: What have they done to his lovely voice? Just because Mika and Salem are singing falsetto, that doesn't mean our Magnus has to do the same. Still it's a rather nice piece of disco which you can dance around the glitterball to.

"Love is Gone" - David Guetta: Yet another week on the playlist for this great summer dance anthem.

"Blue Highs" - EMF: "Stigma" was a cracking, underrated album and this for me is its best track.

"Empire" - Kasabian: Stop! I said it's happening again! Brilliant anthem for festival season.

"Alloway Grove" - Paolo Nutini: Put this on and try out your Paolo impersonation. La la la la la la la la la la la la la......

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