Thursday, July 05, 2007

EuropeCrazy goes dance crazy...

On this blog we love Europe and we also love televised dancing competitions. Put the two together and you've got....big fanfare.....the Eurovision Dance Contest, which will take place for the very first time on 1st September and will be held in London. The UK's representatives have finally been revealed and it's a very interesting choice! Brendan 'bad boy' Cole and his former partner Camilla Dallerup (pictured above) are reuniting for one night only. Fans of "Strictly Come Dancing" will remember that the couple split up during the first series after Brendan got a bit too close to his dance partner, and relations have been frosty ever since. We're hoping that the ice will melt and that the talented duo will channel their tensions into a dazzling performance to impress the viewers all over Europe. But being anything with the 'Eurovision' tag attached, we in the UK should be prepared for "nul points".

Sweden meanwhile will not be represented by the magnificent Lasse Brandeby and his partner - no, no, no, they're taking it all very seriously and sending the winners of the most recent "Let's Dance" series, Martin Lidberg & Cissi Ehrling. May the best couple win!

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