Sunday, July 29, 2007

TV rewind: "Le Tour en Fete" (TV5)

This time we're not going into the numerous scandals in this year's Tour de France: instead we're going back a couple of weeks to France 2's concerts celebrating Le Tour, held in various stage towns. Didn't see last week's show as the line-up didn't impress, however the previous week had a good line-up: Christophe Willem sang "Double Je" whilst the-bloke-from-Le-Roi-Soleil-who-isnt-gorgeous-Emmanuel-Moire, that is Christophe Mae, looks the part of a pop star even if his yelping vocals still don't float my boat.

I really like Amel Bent. There is something refreshingly real about her, and "Nouveau Francais" is very good although it's not in the class of "Ma Philosophie" but then again what is?

In any France 2 music show you are always guaranteed an old smoothie in a cream suit and open-neck shirt: Philippe Lavil just upped the cheese quota.

David Hallyday! Singing "My Sharona" and hammering the life out of a drum kit. We like him. A lot.

Faudel has done more in recent years to bring his blend of radio-friendly rai to the masses and once more he delivered.

In 20 years time, the lovely Frederic Lerner will probably wear that cream suit. In the meantime he is still a very good looking young man with a nice soft rock musical style although still owing a huge vocal and musical debt to a certain Mr Goldman, IMHO.

Perle Lama is another one of the new breed of r'n'b girls and her music is pretty interchangeable from the rest.

All in all a good show. Just hope that the participants stayed clean! (...more than can be said for some of the race participants...!)

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