Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another week, another Måns Z sighting to report...!

Regular followers of my blog will be well aware of my love of all things Swedish. These days this is usually indulged thanks to SVT's website ( which this week has kindly delivered the concert to celebrate Crown Princess Victoria's 30th birthday.

I would not describe myself as a royalist, but as a non-Swede I'd have to say that if you'd have to have a royal family, then the Swedish royal family would be it. They are far too good looking for words. We've got Prince Charles - they've got Carl Philip, the nearest thing you'll ever get to Orlando Bloom. Go figure.

And the girls are lovely. We've got Princess Anne - they've got Victoria and Madeleine. I rest my case.

Anyway the concert was yet another reason for Måns Zelmerlow to turn up to plug "Work Of Art". And why not? We love him!

Not quite sure who Salem Al Fakir is, but regular readers of this blog will also be well aware of my weakness for curly-haired men which he would appear to fulfil. He is quite a captivating performer, and I feel the need to investigate his music further.

Henrik Larsson!!!! Can it get any better????!!!!!! If they need an alternative king of Sweden then he's the man!!

Anyway, time is running out and I need to get some sleep. I will return to the Victoria concert (possibly) tomorrow - still to see Shirley, Sonja & Sanna and also Måns' duet with Carola (or I may just watch "Work of Art" again - I detest that woman so much that I don't think I can watch her duetting with Måns).

Continued....I did go back, mainly to see Salem Al Fakir again (more about him soon on this blog). Managed to keep the contents of my stomach down long enough for Carola and Måns' duet, and the icing on the cake was Henrik Larsson receiving a special honour from the Princess. Good stuff and well done to SVT's website for sharing this with us!

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