Sunday, July 29, 2007

DanceX: or is it the "Why Factor?"

If it ain't broke don't fix it. BBC1 had two series of the excellent "Strictly Dance Fever", but they decided to scrap it in favour of "Dance X", a new competition which was devised by Arlene Phillips and Bruno Tonioli, presumably in Simon Cowell style to fill the gap till their next dance contest panel appearance ("Strictly Come Dancing" and also in Bruno's case, "Dancing With the Stars"). What we are left with is a rather stupid rehash of the X Factor, with the focus all on the judges/mentors and the contestants are just an irrelevance. As if that's not enough, why did they have to bring singing into it? It's a dance contest for goodness sake. Last night saw the departure of Becky from Group Bruno. Two weeks in and we'd dare to suggest that it's already Group Arlene for us (which would be complete if they ditched Ashley and replaced her with Marie from Bruno's team). Bruno has not grasped the concept of singing and dancing at the same time as he's chosen to make irritating Claire the lead singer...but she can't dance to save herself.

Meanwhile over at Group Arlene, could she be more obvious that she's got the hots for her "leading man" Emanuel? We can't share her enthusiasm as he's not really our type.
All in all, we'd say DanceX is a missed opportunity, they should have either kept Strictly Dance Fever or gone down the "So You Think You Can Dance" route, both options far superior to this new effort.

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AcerBen said...

I thought Strictly Dance Fever was a bit shit. What was the prize anyway?

I'm really enjoying DanceX and we're going to get at least 1 pop group out of it too!