Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tokio Hotel: next big thing?

The young German rock band Tokio Hotel have been massive in their homeland over the past couple of years. A look at the European charts suggests that they are about to make their breakthrough outwith their home territory - notably in France - and they are even planning an assault on the UK charts.

"Scream" is due to be released in the UK on 27.08.07. The band have already played a well-received gig in London. The band's frontman Bill Kaulitz (he's still only 17 years old!) has a very striking, androgynous image and his twin brother Tom is also a member of the band. They are certainly worth listening out for - remember where you heard it first!


kevin (ru) said...

Next? They are already huge here in Russia, for a year or so.

Cien Candy Cientje said...

everybody in Belgium thing there awesom!!! so am I

Cien Candy Cientje said...

Everybody in Belgium think they're awesom and so am I!!! I love them!!!