Sunday, July 08, 2007

TV rewind: what we're watching.

So what are we at EC HQ watching these days? Well, here goes.... Boston Legal is heading towards the end of season 3 on Living TV, and has managed to maintain its unique mix of comedy and drama. There is no finer partnership on TV than William "Denny Crane" Shatner and James "Alan Shore" Spader, and the series is arguably the most inventive and funny mix of drama and comedy on TV these days. Season 4 has been confirmed - but there will be new characters therefore out go Denise, Claire, Brad and Paul as regular characters. Love him or hate him, Jerry Espenson will become one of the main characters....

Season 1 of "Heroes" is also nearing its end on Sci-Fi, and it's still unmissable even if it's becoming soooooo complicated.....still loving it though.

We eagerly await season 3 of "Prison Break" beginning in September on Sky One, and in the meantime (thanks UK Gold!!) there's been a chance to catch up with season 1 repeats, back in the day when the gang were still in Fox River.

Disappointing was the only word I could find to describe season 2 (the final season) of "Sleeper Cell" on FX. After the gripping season 1, this was a big let-down and we didn't like that ending at all!

Season 3 of "Grey's Anatomy" keeps up the high standard and you get the feeling it could run and run. Also looking forward to the "Private Practice" spinoff featuring Dr Addison Montgomery (ex Shepherd) - fans of "Prison Break" will also be tuning into this, as the actor who plays the one and only Agent Kellerman will be starring in this series. Will he be a goodie or a baddie we wonder?

"Dexter" is due to start this week on FX UK, and this has been much-hyped so we are expecting big things. Hopefully it will not disappoint.

Big week for new US drama as Five US will also begin screening "Dirt", the new drama starring Courteney Cox. Again high hopes for this one!

Been watching the "Las Vegas" season 1 re-runs on Sky and also picked up on season 4 now premiering on Sky One. Frothy drama which doesn't make too many demands. And why not!!

BBC Four is screening season 1 of "Life On Mars" which we're chuffed about as we missed it first time round. Clever drama with great scripts and a smashing cast: a real TV event.

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