Saturday, July 28, 2007

This week's playlist: how am I supposed to be? Seems like you already figured it out.

Dream Girl/Good Song/Count Me Out/Tell Me/It's Only You/This Is Who I Am/Devil Look/It's True - Salem Al Fakir: we never get enough, always wanna have some more. Still in love with this man and his utterly beautiful, melodic, addictive music. Salem - where have you been all my life?

All Rise/Fly By - Blue: decided that a Blue revival at EuropeCrazy HQ is on the cards.

Double Je/Kiss The Bride - Christophe Willem: the geek shall inherit the earth.

Please Me/Work Of Art - Måns Zelmerlow: will he ever not be on this playlist?

The Worrying Kind/I Pathologize - The Ark: and indeed there will always be a place for the lovely Ola Salo and his merry men.

Max 500 - Kent: getting excited by the thought of the forthcoming album; a chance this week to remember a recent gem.

Inga Problem - Snook: Ice-cool rap from a very talented and different Swedish duo. Great backing track, cracking chorus. Oh and Salem is in the video looking cool and thoughtful .....oh I need a cold shower quickly.

Same Jeans - The View: and why not?

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