Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday night TV: could do better

After the must-see TV of "Strictly Come Dancing" and "Any Dream Will Do", we needed some more TV shows to make staying in the new going out on a Saturday night.

Firstly, there has always been potential for a truly great music quiz on TV, particularly when it comes to lyrics. Sadly, "Sing It Back" (ITV) was not it. Despite daring to try out a new presentation option (Radio 1 DJs JK & Joel, in favour of the usual 4 prime-time presenters - you know who you are!) it remains a painfully dumbed-down effort which only ends up treating its contestants - and viewers - like imbeciles.

Tonight saw the beginning of "Dance X", eagerly awaited at EC HQ as we love dancing contests: however at the audition stage it resembled only a bad parody of X know....."This is all I've ever wanted"...."I want this so much"....sob sob....blah blah, pass the Kleenex. Even Queen of Mean herself Arlene Phillips blubbed! It was all such a big letdown and we didn't see much dancing either. Maybe it will be better when we get to the live shows - it's the tiresome "human stories" which are now part and parcel of the whole reality TV process that I'm soooooo bored with now.

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Rachel said...

Glad I'm not the only one who thinks Sing It Back is a poor excuse for a programme.It's just like an hour long pub-quiz round!