Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Clouseau hit the road

Koen and Kris will shortly be heading out on the road across Flanders to promote their latest album "Vonken & Vuur". In addition to their now legendary pre-Christmas Sportpaleis big gigs, the boys can be seen between 15.07.07 and 02.09.07 in various towns and cities including Leuven, Ghent, Kortrijk, Beveren and Ostend. This takes me back to August 1995, when I rediscovered Clouseau thanks to their wonderful "Oker" album whilst on holiday in Ostend. Sadly I missed seeing them at the casino by a couple of days. This August of course I won't be anywhere near Ostend. Guess I'll just have to buy that live DVD one of these years....

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