Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Can't get enough Salem Al Fakir? Me neither.

Been to Y** T*** to check out some more videos of the main man. Discovered his particularly nice duet with Marit Bergman, the song is called "52 Weeks". She's the one in the silly hat, he's the one in the silly jumper. Nice song. Awww, and they have a nice little hug at the end. Not only is he a terrific musician, songwriter and singer, but he seems like a really sweet guy too. And hasn't he got a really cute smile.....! (OK, having a shallow moment here: talented and cute. What's not to like?)

Haven't been able to get "Dream Girl" or "Good Song" out of my head all day. If this keeps up, I'll need an operation to have them removed. Not that I want to, of course.

Salem is currently on tour as part of the "Parksommar - Just Another Summer" tour of Sweden, the other main acts are Moneybrother and Säkert! Here's a couple of pics of Salem, with Annika from Säkert! and Anders from Moneybrother.

The picture above is from the main "Parksommar" promotional pic: if I was standing next to Salem then I wouldn't look as glum as Annika......!


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