Tuesday, September 09, 2008

6 days to go...

...till I'm off on holiday to Nice. Which is a warm and sunny place.

Unlike home where the temperature is cold, and the weather is wet. I was walking back to work after lunch today, dressed in my big full-length winter-weight parka (yes! It’s that cold!), plugged into the iPod as usual. "Le Soleil Donne", by Laurent Voulzy, one of the most summery records ever, came on. The irony of this was not lost on me.

Anyway I was having a little pre-packing party at EuropeCrazy HQ, trying on and selecting the clothes I’m taking with me next week. I had the Rongedal album on and really enjoyed listening to that again. Once the decision was made it was on with the case packing. That’s most of it done tonight, yes I know it’s almost a week to go but I was never one of those throw-everything-into-a-case-the-night-before-you-go people. Trust me though, I will have forgotten something...!


Schlager Queen said...

enjoy your holiday!

Rachel said...

I vowed not to leave packing to the last minute before I came to Germany,but there I was at 5am a few hours before my flight still trying to squeeze things in :) And yes,even though it felt like I packed every wearable item of clothing in my wardrobe,I still managed to forget jumpers of all things.Thank God there's a Zara in Kiel!

I've never heard Le Soleil Donne,so am checking it out on youtube as I write!

EuropeCrazy said...

I'm certainly looking forward to getting away from it all!

I was very impressed with the shops on my two holidays to Germany, also it never ceases to amaze me that when you go abroad the likes of Zara and similar stores are always cheaper than here in the UK. Maybe that's why everyone in Europe is always classier and more stylish even when they're wearing the most casual clothes. That's why I love Europe - not a chav in sight!!