Friday, September 05, 2008

Eurovision Dance Contest tomorrow

For something on our own doorstep there has been virtually no coverage (at least none that I’m aware of) about the Eurovision Dance Contest which is taking place tomorrow at the SECC in Glasgow.

Two things I do know: 1) the UK will be represented by that little fireball Louisa Lytton (from the series before last of Strictly Come Dancing) and her dancing partner Vincent Simone, dancing a paso doble/tango to Lee Mead’s version of "Paint It Black": fingers crossed that they do it justice. They are drawn 9th out of 14 contestants.

2) Sweden will be represented by ex-Idol contestant and rather fab pop star Danny Saucedo, currently one-third of "Jennie Let Me Love You" hitmakers E.M.D., and dancing partner Jeanette Carlsson, dancing a cha-cha. And they’re on first, not a good draw.

Best of luck anyway to all the contestants and hope it’s a good show. I'll be watching tomorrow night and might even post a review on here (if I can be bothered!!)

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