Monday, September 29, 2008

Danny sang it, Vincent wrote it...

..."If Only You" the hit single by Danny Saucedo, that is.

Too bad if you don't like that song and you live in Sweden, as it was that country's most-played song on the radio over the past year, played no less than 95,062 times and counting. At least it wasn't "Chasing Cars" or "I Kissed A Girl" or "No Air" which must have been played on every radio station in the world about a million times now.

I happen to like "If Only You" so I thought it was worth a mention here. It wasn't just an airplay hit in Sweden: during my trip to Riga in May it was all over the radio then as well.

Over recent months checking my Sitemeter stats it didn't escape my attention that one of this blog's big faves Vincent Pontare has been one of the most searched-for artists, and I was very interested to read that he, along with Sophia Somajo and Michael Zitron, wrote "If Only You". No news yet on any new material from Vincent, all we know is that he's been writing his second album and in the meantime became very popular in Germany with the wonderful "Miss Blue".

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