Monday, September 01, 2008

Norwegian Charts Update

I've been checking out various European singles charts and couldn't fail to notice just how similar they all are. So leaving aside the varying merits of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kid Rock, Coldplay, Duffy and Jordin Sparks, it's refreshing to see that the Norwegian singles chart contains a number of homegrown hits.

"If A Song Could Get Me You" - Marit Larsen: this is topping the charts at the moment and is a nice quirky little acoustic ballad, like Lene Marlin overdosing on the happy pills. It's rather sweet, but maybe a little too sweet at times, but it makes for an interesting no.1 single choice.

"Lost" - Erlend Bratland: a "....Talent" guy I presume? No, it's not a cover of the Michael Buble song, and yes, it does sound like a talent show contestant's song.

"Scared of Heights" - Espen Lind: I've followed his work on and off for a few years, good to see he's still going. This is a nice jaunty little acoustic ballad, which the Norwegians seem to be rather fond of at the moment. It's a little Jason Mraz-esque (and coincidentally "I'm Yours" is no.5).

"Belly Up" - Maria Mena: I'm not really familiar with her work so I don't know if this is good or not by her standards. It's certainly a bit offbeat and unusual for the top 40.

"As I Am" - Inglow: this is the kind of melodic easy on the ear rock which will definitely appeal to fans of Tokio Hotel or Takida.

I'm hoping to do Norwegian charts updates more regularly - their singles chart certainly appears more interesting than I thought it would be!

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