Sunday, September 14, 2008

Off to Nice tomorrow!

Yes it seems no time since my last holiday but I'm off on another one tomorrow. It will be our third summer holiday in this great city: firstly 2003, then 2005 and now 2008. Hoping for some dry weather and sunshine as we've forgotten what that looks like.

I wonder how much the place has changed in the last 3 years. Obviously the tramway is now up and running, and the Place Massena is no longer a building site but a beautiful square again.

There will be a daily diary which I'll publish on my return and hopefully a few 'nice' (pardon the pun) photos to go with it. For anyone not familiar with Nice, it's certainly a very photogenic city. And let's just say that many of its inhabitants are, how shall I say, very easy on the eye!

Anyway this will be my last posting until Tuesday 23rd September so until then au revoir mes blogging amis.....!


Keira said...

Ooo, have a fab time! I hope you get some good weather.

Bon Voyage!

EuropeCrazy said...


Hope you're feeling a bit better now too.