Thursday, September 25, 2008

A bit of this and that

Off to the big city today with faithful travelling companion for lunch and shopping. As usual this meant hanging out in numerous bookshops and record shops. My excitement went through the roof, when I saw BWO's "Pandemonium" on display!

In a previous post I happened to mention about vinyl records making a comeback and I saw more of them than ever today - even Joy Division's "Closer" which I bought all those years ago and still have in my collection. Have decided am definitely not getting rid of 14 year old hi-fi with turntable and double cassette deck and (temperamental/malfunctioning) CD player and may instead just invest in one of these micro hi-fi thingies with (non-temperamental, non-malfunctioning) CD player and iPod dock.

Aftonbladet reports that the new album by everyone's favourite Idol runner-up, Darin, will be released on 03.12.08, the title is "Flashback". It will be preceded by the first single "Breathing Your Love" on 13.10.08.

Poster Girl has kept us up to date as ever with what's going on in the Swedish music scene and she recently mentioned the return of Sebastian Karlsson. The video for his comeback single "My Getaway" can be seen over at Aftonbladet. The video has lots of close-up loveliness of the man himself and the song has builds in a kind of similar brooding style to Martin Stenmarck's "7milakliv" (the original, not the fab dancey remix thing) and if I have any criticism it's that it takes just a bit too long to get going, but I'm now onto my third listen and it's growing on me now.

Lena and Orup: "Nu När Du Gått" sounded really familiar and listening to it again I now realise why: "The Sweet Escape", anyone? Verdict on first couple of hearings: it's OK, nice pop song but not fantastic like it should have been. Maybe the album will be better.

This weekend: some stuff about Nice.

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