Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Il pleut. Encore et encore.

Where I live, it has probably rained every day for about the last six months, ok maybe there was one dry day along the way??

Anyway I was checking the forecast for Nice (ok I know it's a bit early but just out of curiosity...) to find those little black clouds with the two raindrops, not just the little black cloud with the one raindrop. That's heavy showers folks, however unlike at home where the temperature is dropping, over in Nice, il fait chaud. It always does, particularly when we're off there on holiday. Well it can be chaud if it wants I guess (Being fair skinned I don't purposely sunbathe but got the factor 40 suncream packed away) but that heavy rain - non, non, non!

My holiday preparations are progressing nicely. Just need to get some more Euros - how shocking is that pounds to Euros exchange rate? I feel a bit of bankruptcy coming on...!

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