Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This week's playlist: the love that I'm bringing is love for all

Well it's not so much this week's playlist as what I've been listening to over the last 3 or 4 weeks.
Things always slow down music-wise over the summer, particularly on the continent where there is an actual definition from one season to another. So this will probably be the last playlist for about 4 weeks or so and that will allow me time to seek out some new music - particularly by European acts - to love. In the meantime I've been listening to...

The Bells of Freedom - BWO: as I once again moan constantly about the UK's refusal to accept arguably Europe's greatest pop band right now, I totally love this anthemic little number and it has a really funny camp video too.

Smilin' - Bryn Christopher: I'll need to have a listen to his album - still loving this track but why the low chart position?

Next Plane Home - Daniel Powter: it wasn't easy for him to follow up "Bad Day" - the most played song on British radio of the last five years - but this is a nice radio-friendly comeback and hopefully it will banish his one-hit-wonder tag.

Built To Last - Melee: American band with a flavour of old-Keane about this song. Talking of whom...

Spiralling - Keane: it took a long time for me to get into this song and it's only now I'm beginning to appreciate it. Not, apparently, indicative of the other tracks on their forthcoming third album.

Before The Worst/Rusty Halo - The Script: two tracks I particularly like from their amazingly self-assured debut album.

What You Look For - Sam Beeton: I should really hate this kind of thing, and I probably will end up hating it, but in the meantime it's just a slice of catchy guitar-pop from a very young-looking new singer-songwriter.

Save The Lies/Don't Want To Go To Bed Now/Got No Place To Go - Gabriella Cilmi: I really like this girl's debut album "Lessons To Be Learned" and these are three tracks I play a lot from it.

Who Do You Think You're Foolin'/We Do Do You - Rongedal: back on the playlist, some dangerously catchy pop from the Swedish brothers.

Divine - Sebastien Tellier: this refuses to leave my ears alone! One of the best European tracks of the year.

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