Monday, September 29, 2008


They think it's all over : (the two-weeks-and-a-day holiday, I mean) is now. Back to work tomorrow, prepare for happy-chilled-out-post-holiday mood to be smashed into a zillion pieces once more and after 5 minutes it'll feel like I've never been away.

Over the coming weeks I'm about to launch yet again into self-imposed early curfews, no after-midnight blogging (except at weekends) and alleged healthy lifestyle, diet, walking, aerobics, step machine, water, fruit blah blah blah, as major work is needed to overturn 5lbs weight gained in Nice. Still, what an enjoyable way to gain weight, with all that lovely food and wine. Aah memories...But weight loss costs, and here's where I start paying, in sweat!

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