Saturday, September 27, 2008

The EuropeCrazy Holiday Hit List: Nice 2008

Here are a few songs which will always remind me of Nice!

Beggin' - Madcon: already one of my firm faves this year (and a major tip for my 2007-50) and seemingly the French agree. This. Was. Everywhere.

Disturbia - Rihanna: another holiday, another Rihanna song. The 53rd track to be released from her interminable "Good Girl Gone Bad" collection, but a refreshing electro diversion from the formulaic r'n'b which she was sinking into.

So What - Pink: Any break-up song which starts with the lines "I guess I just lost my husband/I don't know where he went" should not be taken too seriously, and this tongue-firmly-in-cheek comeback from Pink ticks all the boxes.

Just Dance - Lady GaGa: I didn't think too much of this track for a while but it finally won me over last week. Massive hit in France over recent weeks/months with huge hit potential - will this be another one to miss out in the UK?

Hot Summer Night (Oh La La La) - David Tavare: relying heavily on that old 2Eivissa "Oh La La La" sample, this has been one of the hits of the summer in France. At least they get the weather for it....

C'est Beau La Bourgeoisie - Kylian Mash & Laurent Konrad: gold-digging disco anthem. French dance music is on a real high at the moment and this bi-lingual track, all over the radio at the moment, is yet another example.

C'est Ma Terre - Christophe Mae: from forthcoming live album, another nice summery acoustic track from the former "Le Roi Soleil" star. I can only really stick him in small doses but this Afro-themed song certainly appealed to me last week when I heard it a lot.

Si C'est Une Ile - Jenifer: I found her new 'rock' direction a bit hard to take, but this is much much better than "Comme Un Hic" (which I hated, to be honest) but this guitar-driven song rattles along at a very nice pace and it grows on me with every listen.

Mes Insomnies - Louisy Joseph: rather good slice of reggae-flavoured pop from the ex-L5 singer. Sounded very good on the radio.

Entre Toi et Moi - Mathieu Edward: I may not have been a fan during last year's Star Academy, but I have to admit that Mathieu is now a real contender in the French r'n'b scene. This got a lot of video airplay on M6 and he is certainly a rather good looking young man too....

I Want You - Martin Solveig: like I said, French dance music is on a high and here is one of its biggest hitters.

Tomorrow Can Wait - David Guetta: ditto. Guetta is a real superstar of French dance music, this is also due a UK release and should take him back into the top 40.

Next Plane Home - Daniel Powter: slaying the one-hit-wonder ghost of "Bad Day" - this is getting major airplay in France and is a guaranteed hit.

Beat on the Brat - The Ramones: for reasons known only to myself and faithful travelling companion, this song will always be associated with Nice 2008. Enough said.

Rayon de Soleil - William Balde: the undisputed hit of summer 2008 in France, and still picking up a lot of airplay.

Comme Avant - Sheryfa Luna & Mathieu Edward: rather lovely duet from Popstars winner and Star Ac 7 runner up.

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