Monday, September 01, 2008

MTV EMAs announced

I see that the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) have been announced. Just been to have a look at their website. They don't seem to be doing New Sounds of Europe this year but will have a Regional Award category and the winners from each territory will fight it out for the title of Europe's Favourite. Hopefully there will be some inspired choices in this category like last year, I also enjoyed the daily knockout eliminations in New Sounds of Europe and hope they'll do it the same way this year.

The EMAs will take place in Liverpool on 6 November.


Rachel said...

Who was it who won New Sounds of Europe last year- it was someone a bit rubbish wasn't it?I just remember voting a lot for Aleksander With.As for the Norwegian charts,I don't keep up with them either.It's no wonder most European music doesn't do so well over here when it doesn't even get much airtime in the country it's from!

EuropeCrazy said...

Bedwetters or something or other, Estonian if I remember, that kind of Fall Out Boy-type stuff. I voted for Aleksander as well and he went out quite early, then I was voting for Christophe Willem and Sunrise Avenue later on. I'm really bored with MTV awards now as you know the kind of stuff they're going to nominate every year. What really annoys me is that their European music awards aren't very European at all - you used to get acts like Eros Ramazzotti and Tiziano Ferro performing or nominated there, but those days are long gone :(

I remember going over to Stavanger 10 years ago for a short break and never heard any Norwegian music at all when I was there. I guess things haven't really changed...