Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tokio Hotel take home an MTV VMA

I've just been reading through the list of this year's MTV Video Music Award winners. A rather uninspiring bunch if you ask me, what's with all the Britney-mania again? (Although credit should go to Robyn for lifting "Piece of Me" out of the ordinary).

Anyway great to see Tokio Hotel getting the Best New Act prize. Europe loves them and now so does America - so when is Britain going to wake up???


Rachel said...

There were some rather excitable reports about them on the news over here last night.I didn't realise the VMAs were happening actually,so don't really know much else about what happened apart from the whole Britney thing (of which there was also a lot about on the news last night).

TH don't do much for me personally,but I don't get why they're not popular in the UK.It's quite frustrating when good foreign artists are pretty much ignored in the UK,when many of our mediocre ones do well abroad.

EuropeCrazy said...

Well said! Yes I'd imagine the German media going just a bit mad about TH winning that VMA!

Not just good foreign artists getting ignored but even American singers like Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat to name two examples, big in Europe but mention them in Britain and all you'll get is "who?"

And then there are good British artists getting ignored too. The list is endless. Thank goodness for blog-world, and everyone spreading the word about good stuff which might otherwise never be heard.