Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lena & Orup together on a new album

After Orup writing songs for Lena Philipsson, then the pair's popular live stage show, what next?

Aftonbladet gave us the answer today. The two Swedish singers have teamed up again - for an album of duets! According to Orup, Lena has written half of the new songs on the album.

First single (no title as yet) is out on 22 September with the album to follow a month or so later.

I like both Lena and Orup but I'm not really sure about this - the word 'duet' conjures up sheer horror for me - however I'm sure with their combined songwriting and singing talent they should come up with something rather special.


Poster Girl said...

I had a similar reaction to you. Ultimately, I'd really rather prefer solo albums from both (I've been dying for a new Lena album for a while now)...but I guess I'll take what we can get.

EuropeCrazy said...

Yes it is about time Lena had a new album out - but I agree, we'll just take what we can get for now, I'm sure it will be ok.

Oh by the way - great to hear from you again - so happy to see you back in blog-land!! :)))