Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Eros Ramazzotti playlist

The blog's been a bit erratic this month and I had actually forgotten to get round to this even though he's our hall of fame artist of the month. Anyway here are ten essential songs by the Italian star.

Cose Della Vita (Can't Stop Thinking Of You): there's been two versions of this - his original and then a re-recording which he turned into a duet with Tina Turner. Both are very good.
Fuoco Nel Fuoco : extremely catchy tune from 2000, and one of his best.
Una Storia Importante : it starts off quietly and calmly then builds into a rather wonderful chorus.
Terra Promessa : a fine funky start to the "Eros" album.
L'Ombra del Gigante : a particular favourite of mine, nice uptempo tune with a good dance beat.
Piu' Bella Cosa : possibly the first song of his that I remember.
Stella Gemella : a very good atmospheric ballad.
Dove C'e Musica : title track of album from the same era.
Un Altra Te : another good ballad from the "Eros" album.
Un Emozione Per Sempre : most recent of the songs on my list.

Personally I feel that his recent output has been a little disappointing therefore none of the songs from his last album "Calma Apparente" made my list. However the fact remains that he has been one of European music's most consistent superstars over the last 15 years, with success all over the continent, which I reckon is worth a place in our hall of fame.

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